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Ron Parker
Never Forget 

I am a retired FDNY firefighter who served at Ground Zero on September 11, 2001 and the months following. I now live as an activist, a speaker and, most recently, a published author. 

Learn more about me and my cause while you browse my website, my virtual home.
Ron Parker ® 2013  


When I got tired, I remembered the cries I had heard from the first person I helped free from the concrete prison. I didn’t want someone else’s concrete prison to become their concrete grave, so I had to keep moving.

Crawl through 20 stories of mangled steel, clouds of smoke and ash with Ron Parker in attempt to rescue thousands of civilians and first responders trapped beneath the fallen twin towers. 

Stand beside him while victims are recovered from the wreckage of the September 11th attacks.  

Fight alongside him when he is falsely accused of stealing from widows and orphans.

His only choices are to be a chief, a pawn, or a warrior, because being a victim is never an option. Walk with Ron as he uncovers a fresh foothold on the trek to find closure and move forward after the impossible parts of life. Learn why we don’t have to choose to be victims. We can choose to be a chief who leads the way towards a cause, a pawn who follows a chief to get the work done, or a warrior who actively defends a cause.

Buy your copy today to find out if you are a chief, a pawn or a warrior.
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“It’s more than just history, and it’s not even just his story…it’s a challenge for each of us to face the man in the mirror.”

–FDNY Lieutenant Mickey Kross (Ret.), 9/11 Survivor

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